The best UHD 4K big screen television to buy in 2019

By | 25th November 2018

At this moment is a decent time to purchase the best TVs of 2018. They’re all 4K UHD and there’s an expanding measure of 4K stuff on Netflix, Amazon, iTunes, Play, YouTube and Blu-beam. Indeed, even the BBC is getting in on the demonstration!

Additionally, similarly as the simple best new, 2018-display TVs are showing up from Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, LG, Hisense and the rest, a year ago’s models are getting limits, and Black Friday is approaching.

The day after Thanksgiving bargains: see all the best offers at this moment!

The shopping extravaganza following Thanksgiving probably won’t see the shiny new TVs in this rundown getting quite a bit of a value cut – in spite of the fact that there was, temporarily, an extraordinary Amazon Prime Day bargain on the LG C8 – however dealers will consider it to be one of the last opportunities to lash the best models from a year ago. You won’t see all out stock dumping, yet you could get strong limits on any semblance of LG’s W7, C7 and B7, or Sony’s A1. Televisions right now under £1000 and your modest yet quality TVs under £500 could be much more fruitful zones. Watch out for our Best TV bargains for Black Friday 2018 page to ensure you don’t pass up a major opportunity.

Strikingly, 2018’s TVs are generally a lot less expensive than the identical models from a year ago were the point at which they turned out, if that bodes well. Premium, cutting edge advances, for example, OLED, QLED and HDR and bigger screen sizes are beginning to show up in more moderate TVs.

Picking the best TV to purchase for your receiving area is a damn hard errand. Looking on the brilliant side, that is on the grounds that, on the off chance that you have a not too bad spending plan to spend, every one of the TVs accessible are to a great degree great. TV screen innovation has dashed ahead as of late with the developing of LED and the entry, beyond all doubt, of OLED.

Include 4K Ultra HD – the following goals hop from Full HD – and in addition HDR (High Dynamic Range) for enhanced shading execution, the expanding modernity of Smart TV working frameworks – making it less demanding to discover the shows and movies you need, regardless of whether by means of communicate or the web – and case plans of regularly enhancing provocativeness, and you, the watcher, are genuinely ruined for decision.

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  • Be that as it may, WHICH IS THE BEST TV?

By an edge nearly as limited as its own, skinny screen, my pick of the lead or close leader TVs (to a great extent around the £1,500-£3,000 check) is the amazing Sony KD-55AF8. The main slight admonition to that will be that Sony’s similarly dumbfounding KD-55A1from 2017 is still on special and would now be able to be had for about the cost of its more youthful, hypothetically more ‘reasonable’ kin.

With its inventive structure, eminent picture quality whether in local 4K HDR or upscaled HD and splendid, ‘in the screen’ sound framework, it truly is the total bundle and the best TV to purchase at the present time.

In any case, there is then a pursuing pack of TVs that are actually as great here and there, marginally better in a couple of regards and somewhat more awful in a couple of others. There’s a small margin of value contrast between the AF8 and Samsung’s Q9FN QLED lead TV, for example.

Those looking for a considerably more true to life experience ought to consider the Panasonic TX-55FZ952B. This TV particularly useful for motion pictures and recreations, albeit dissimilar to its Sony and LG equals there’s no help for Dolby Atmos or Dolby Vision.

The LG OLED65C8 is another total OLED belter. A superior entertainer with regards to gaming than the Sony, it’s likewise somewhat better with 4K detail in specific circumstances and has a superior keen TV stage. Anyway for non-gamers, the Sony’s better solid, more refined movement smoothing for games, and even better feel settle on it our best decision by the tightest of edges.

The most effective method to BUY THE BEST TV FOR YOU

When you’re picking a TV, contemplate what screen estimate you can oversee, regardless of whether your room is typically brilliant or dim, and what kind of sources you’re probably going to utilize.

These are huge, leader TVs that we wouldn’t really suggest putting in a little room, albeit extremely that is dependent upon you.

An old yet at the same time helpful principle guideline for HD was to separate the measure of screen you need (in inches) by 6.42. The outcome is the means by which far away specialists figure you ought to sit, in feet. So for a 55-inch TV, you’d in a perfect world need to have the capacity to position your couch around 8 and a half feet from the screen.

Look over the distance down to the base of this TV purchasing guide (cautioning: your finger may get worn out) and you’ll discover further convenient tips to enable you to get the best TV for your necessities.


Presently is the best time in years to get another TV.

The universe of TV tech has never been additionally energizing. The move from 1080p HD to 2160p 4K presented a gigantic upturn in goals, as well as proclaimed a move to Wide Color Gamut boards and HDR (High Dynamic Range). Television pictures presently gloat certifiable elements, with extended profundity and shading extravagance.

On the off chance that you purchased a mid 4K TV, you may kick yourself at this point – certain UHD benchmarks aren’t bolstered any more, and picture quality and upscaling of HD material has gone ahead a wide margin over the most recent few years, close by the ascent of OLED.

In any case, look on the brilliant side: every one of these advances and models are currently settled, and TV picture quality has never been something more.

At the higher end of the TV showcase, you truly start to welcome the advantages that HDR with wide shading brings. Every one of the TVs here can show sparkly otherworldly features and far reaching shading, with many offering numerous varieties of HDR, to better future-verification your review.

HDR arrives in an assortment of flavors. Static HDR10 is the standard. It’s ordinarily utilized on UHD Blu-beam and by gushing administrations. Dolby Vision is an upmarket elective that improves HDR attributes on a scene-by-scene premise on account of the supernatural occurrence of dynamic metadata. It right now has restricted help, showing up on select UHD Blu-beam titles, and some Netflix content.

HLG is a communicated HDR standard which is simply beginning to take off however as a rule, the more HDR norms your screen bolsters, the better.

These leader 4K TVs additionally have improved sound frameworks, be it a packaged/worked in soundbar or something more fascinating. In addition to the fact that this is useful for your ears, it can speak to a major saving money on extra outside sound frameworks.

At this higher end of the market, you’ll likewise see that OLED screen innovation has to a great extent assumed control from LED LCD. On account of their predominant dark dimension execution, and magnificent close dark detail, OLED has turned into the screen innovation of decision for observing videophiles.

Alright, now that we’ve set the scene, we should uncover T3’s best TV purchases of 2017-18.

The AF8 is a 4K OLED flatscreen that overflows class and has an image that will have a considerable lot of you craving to redesign. Accessible in 55-and 65-inch screen sizes, the AF8 sports an exemplary plan stylish, dissimilar to the brand’s recline Sony A1 show (at #2, beneath). It’s likewise slimmer, with a littler physical impression. This more ordinary appearance makes the AF8 less demanding to fit on your run of the mill AV furniture.

• Sony AF8: full survey, full arrangement of stars

Picture quality is jaw-droppingly great. Sony has made a specialty of wedding board and handling advancements, which the AF8 advances to close flawlessness, utilizing a similar sort of pre-discharge alignment as on its Trimaster Studio OLED screens. The upshot is this TV looks extraordinary straight from the case. Sony’s leader X1 Extreme picture processor is likewise showcase driving, with dynamic tone mapping for HDR customized exactly to the TV’s capacity to show brilliance and shading. It’s to a great degree compelling.

• Buy Sony KD55AF8 from John Lewis with a five-year guarantee

• Buy Sony KD65AF8 from John Lewis with a five-year guarantee

HDR10 and HLG are completely upheld, while a firmware refresh included Dolby Vision Netflix. It doesn’t bolster Dolby Vision from Blu-beam players or other outer gadgets, except if they’ve been liable to a different, comparing producer firmware refresh. Maybe we should name this methodology Dolby Vision light?

Indeed, even without Dolby Vision, HDR execution is extraordinary for OLED, while dark dimensions are off the scale.

Sony’s Acoustic Surface innovation conveys awesome sound from a thin board. There are no customary stereo speakers installed, rather the board itself imperceptibly vibrates to convey front aligned sound. Stereo transducers are appended to the back of the board, expanded by twin woofers which round out the mid-run. Results are radiant, with a close supernatural measure of bass, despite the fact that the genuine champion is the resonant midrange.

Android TV OS 7.0 is as yet something of a burdensome client encounter, yet it offers a significant dimension of usefulness, graciousness of incorporated Chromecast and Google Assistant control.

While there’s no Freeview Play on the AF8, we do get a custom cycle of YouView which offers the equivalent incorporated make up for lost time TV administrations and move back program control. Spilling bolster covers all the fundamental TV players, in addition to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, YouTube, DisneyLife, Rakuten TV, and Spotify

In the event that the set has a shortcoming it’s in gaming execution. In the Standard picture more, picture slack is high at 101.5ms however even with the devoted Game mode, it’s a generally late 47.2ms. In a perfect world I would search for 30ms or less.

• But which is better, LG’s C8 versus Sony’s AF8? We’ll talk you through how we chose…

For non-gamers, Sony’s sublime AF8 is the best new TV of 2018 up until this point. The main proviso to that is the more seasoned A1 (at #4 on this very rundown) is similarly as great, has a more interesting look (in spite of the fact that that is really a downside given the conservatism of most TV purchasers), and has descended in cost such a great amount since dispatch that it’s currently in direct rivalry with its very own successor.

Tuned by Tinseltown’s best studio creatives, the FZ952 may well offer the best 4K HDR OLED picture yet.

This luxury board is flatscreen eminence. Manufacture quality is extraordinary. The bezel is thin and generally speaking completion brilliant. Like the model it usurps, 2017’s EZ1002, it includes a devoted sound bar, named the Dynamic Blade Speaker, tuned by Technics sound designers.

• Panasonic TX-55FZ952B survey: five stars on the T3 Walk of Fame

With 4K HDR video, the Panasonic’s progressed, THX guaranteed screen modes give a profundity to its shading taking care of that is simply hypnotizing. The second era HCX Studio Color video processor gives thrilling outcomes and ‘Dynamic LUT’ (Look Up Table) tech always investigations picture data, to enhance the exactness of splendid hues, further stressing picture profundity.

There’s positively no inclination that 1080p substance is a poor relative, on account of astounding upscaling. Notwithstanding, it is important that with SDR content the THX Cinema mode, True Cinema and two Pro modes drastically decrease board luminance (down to as meager as 30 percent), and shouldn’t be utilized in something besides full dim room conditions.

So if the sun has his cap on, you’ll have to fall back on the less progressed visual presets. Cheerfully, these still look truly great, yet to see the FZ952 taking care of business, endeavor to stick to 4K HDR sources, for example, UHD Blu-beam, Amazon Prime or Netflix. In like manner, the FZ95s’ True Cinema mode claims recreates a similar picture qualities of a Hollywood acing screen, however requires close dull survey conditions to truly inspire.

HDR bolster covers HDR10, HLG and HDR10+, the new open unique metadata standard created to test Dolby Vision. Dolby Vision itself isn’t bolstered, which makes coordinate examinations with LG’s C8 and Sony’s AF8 OLED screens troublesome. What’s undoubted is this is the best performing HDR set I’ve seen from Panasonic.

Similarly as vitally, its close dark execution is incredible, while movement taking care of is better than average, as Panasonic’s IFC (Intelligent Frame Creation) keeps on observing enhancement, in spite of the fact that it shouldn’t be turned up over the base setting.

Panasonic’s My Home Screen shrewd OS (now up to v3), remains refreshingly lean, and make up for lost time TV bolster is broad, with ITVHub, All4, My5, BBC News and Sport and UK Play joining iPlayer, which currently underpins 4K UHD streams. Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube and Rakuten TV are additionally on board, and 4K and HDR are both bolstered.

Sound quality is amazing for a flatpanel TV. The Dynamic Blade Speaker utilizes four woofers, a group of four of mid-go drivers, two tweeters, and a quad uninvolved radiator for more profound bass. Its stereo introduction is top of the line. Add up to control yield is appraised at 80W.

At last, the FZ952 makes for a wonderful gaming show, with a devoted Game mode enhancing reaction time to a remarkable 21ms.

From multiple points of view, the FZ952 is the best performing OLED screen I’ve seen for the current year. Its shading execution is exceptional, while detail and HDR sparkle. It likewise flaunts an unrivaled sound arrangement and has an extraordinary brilliant stage. The absence of Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos bolster mean it is anything but a hammer dunk against opponent boards from LG and Sony, however on the off chance that you need a 4K TV to impersonate the best acing screens in Hollywood, this Panasonic is film industry gold.

The C8 is the current driving contender to the Sony AF8 and for some, the decision will boil down to individual taste and what arrangements might be accessible.

Albeit less alluring than Sony’s putting forth, at any rate to my eyes, the C8 is as yet an exquisite piece of unit. Glass extends from edge-to-edge with scarcely a bezel to keep it set up, and the gunmetal dim packaging is likewise exceptionally bringing.

• Check out the full, 5-star audit of the LG C8

The C8, similar to the main part of LG’s 2018 OLEDs, utilizes the new Alpha 9 smart processor. This elite silicon flaunts the most progressive picture preparing we’ve yet observed on a purchaser TV, and picture quality is unequivocally extraordinary, when you explore the thick woodland of screen modes.

The C8’s HDR execution is sensational and brilliant. The C8 has no issue dealing with ghastly features, which when combined with profound rich blacks, means delectably unique pictures. Shadow detail in close blacks is likewise extraordinary, and the dynamic quality of shading and transparent unmistakable detail in 4K substance can be shocking and the C8 additionally looks radiant with HD material. There’s simply such a great amount to appreciate in its pictures.

There’s likewise AI, with LG’s webOS stage including instinctive hunt and voice control. You can even verbally select picture modes.

The C8 additionally looks reliably spectacular with recreations, with a slack of simply 21.1ms, which is astounding. Gracious and there’s a Dolby Atmos decoder, which works with gushed content from Netflix, and in addition outside sources, for example, Sky Q. Simply attach your set-top box to the TV and utilize HDMI ARC to send Atmos to a perfect sound framework.

This is one of the best OLEDs to date. For gaming it is superior to the Sony AF8, and the individuals who love an extremely distinctive, brilliant (yet not ‘unbelievable’- looking) picture will likewise support this TV. Anyway the Sony has barely better redesigning of SDR material than HDR and movement dealing with, and remarkably better sound.

Then again, LG’s savvy stage, albeit now so include stuffed that it’s squeaking marginally, is obviously better than Sony’s.

Be that as it may, on in general style, for non-gamers the AF8 is The Best, however we’ll presumably be discussing the upsides and downsides of these two for quite a long time to come…

Q9FN is the most persuading contention yet for QLED, Samsung’s Quantum Dot fueled LED TV tech. Indeed, in the event that you thought OLED was the final say regarding premium TV picture quality, this note-flawless QLED could make you reconsider…

• Read our 5-star survey of the Samsung Q9FN

The Q9FN’s construct quality has an extremely premium feel, and regardless of whether it’s not as sharp edge thin as an OLED (that immediate LED backdrop illumination needs to fit some place), it’s still just 3cm profound.

UHD 4K picture execution is really first rate. Upscaled HD looks flawless, local 4K content fibers with detail and surface and the HDR execution is crazy. The genuine secret weapon for some, clients is its splendid room execution, which is uncommon.

There are only four picture presets and they all have their employments. Setup is basic and the Tizen brilliant TV stage does all that you could expect of it.

Dark dimension execution is shockingly great for a LED LCD. It’s not as inky dark as OLED maybe, but rather the shortfall truly isn’t that articulated. Far better, the Q9FN can pull off close dark detail while likewise having the capacity to feature extremely brilliant parts of the video.

Movement dealing with is for the most part fine, despite the fact that I’d state this is the one territory where the OLEDs higher up this rundown outflank the Q9FN – especially Sony and Panasonic’s sets.

In Game Mode slack is simply 13ms, which is uncommon. This is a GREAT gaming TV. Indeed, even the speakers are phenomenal, in spite of the fact that the stereo sound field isn’t as amazing as on the AF8.

For everything from daytime TV to late-night films, the Q9FN is a shocker. Like I stated, on the off chance that you thought OLED was the main amusement in top of the line TV time, this QLED will refute you.

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